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Go to a place where you can enjoy the outdoors, go Gozo

With an area of just 67SQKM (to put things in perspective, England is 130,279SqKM), you’d be forgiven if you thought that tiny Gozo is limited in what it offers to its visitors. However, this cannot be further from the truth.

For starters, being an island in the middle of the Mediterranean makes Gozo an ideal destination for those who love water activities. The surrounding blue sea is usually calm but if there’s wind on one side of the island you are literally a few minutes away from an alternative swimming/diving location. Our mild climate also guarantees that swimming is not an activity reserved solely for the summer days. In fact, the sea temperature here never drops below 14deg cel, so water activities are very possible almost all year round.

If you love a good walk and a beautiful bathing spot, then we highly recommend a visit to Mġarr ix-Xini. This narrow inlet is a popular spot for a swim or snorkel. It has gained popularity in recent years after the filming of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s movie By The Sea. This bay is just a pleasant walk away from First Gozo's properties in Xewkija. You can learn more about this walk by clicking here.

Indeed, the island is an absolute paradise for anyone with a liking of water activities. You can go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, snorkelling, stand-up paddleboarding, and, of course, diving. Gozo has gained significant recognition amongst divers around the world and is repeatedly lauded for its underwater visibility, stunning underwater scenery, and the mild sea temperatures that allows for diving even during the winter months.

The island’s unique rocky landscape also provides the perfect playground for rock climbing and abseiling enthusiasts. There are many natural rock formations for you to climb or abseil, mostly backdropped by the magnificent Mediterranean sea. Cliffs, caves, coves – Gozo has climbs that’ll suit your experience.

Cycling is also great way to enjoy the island’s outdoors. As with all activities that do not involve the sea, the best time for cycling on the island is between October and May, when the balmy temperatures give you energy to paddle more. Having said that, an early morning (or late evening) cycle during the summer months is not a bad idea either.

There are plenty of routes you can try, mostly very doable even for cyclists of average ability. Then, of course, there are routes that need more skill to do. The island’s hilly nature gives it a surprising wide variety of routes for cyclists of different experiences and abilities. If you enjoy cycling, you’ll love this island as it doesn’t just take you for a cycle just for its own sake, but also because it takes you through landscapes of beauty and features of environmental, natural, and historic importance. We found a good guide to cycling routes in Gozo which we recommend you have a look at here. You can also rent a bike from First Gozo - just let us know and we'll be happy to rent out one of our mountain bikes.

At First Gozo we also have bikes available for rent - just let us know if you wish to rent one when on holiday with us.

Finally, we must recommend hiking or going for a walk when on holiday here. In a previous blog, we gave you an enjoyable walk that is very close to the First Gozo's properties. You may have a look at the blog here and we cannot recommend it enough.

There are obviously other walking routes that make the island of Gozo a great destination for the avid hiker. A good walk is never really far away from your accommodation and the scenery is usually spectacular. Since you’d be staying at your First Gozo accommodation in Xewkija, we also highly recommend a 35-minute walk to Ta’ Cenc cliffs. This walk is especially beautiful during sunset hours. This is one of the most stunning places on the island where nature reigns supreme and the sights are just majestic. While you're at Ta' Ċenċ you can walk to the equally impressive Sanap Cliffs.

For the more adventurous, you can actually do the 50KM Gozo Coastal Walk which takes you around the entire island and can be done by any reasonably fit person. You may access a guide to the Gozo Coastal Walk by clicking here.

We tried to skim through some of the most popular activities you can enjoy while in Gozo. We guarantee that whichever activity you choose, you’ll get to experience the island in a unique memorable way.

Ask us for help

If you have any questions feel free to ask us as we are happy to help you. We’ve welcomed hundreds of guests at First Gozo and our experience can surely help you create a Gozo holiday itinerary that you will never forget.

We also advise to always seek guidance from professionals when trying activities that you’re not familiar with and do all activities listed in this blog with caution.

At First Gozo we have plenty of properties available to rent for a holiday you truly deserve (see images below). Click here to book one of our holiday properties.

See you in Gozo for an adventure of a lifetime 😊


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