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Luxury three bedroom apartment with fantastic unobstructed views of Mgarr Harbour, Comino, the Blue Lagoon and Malta, is now availale for Long Let and features:


  • Three large bedrooms, two of which offer en suite bathrooms, plus a Jacuzzi in the master bedroom;

  • Huge living room with large door offering unobstructed views of Mgarr Harbour and beyond;

  • 100m open terrace, ideal for entertaining guests;

  • Fully furnished with imported Italian furniture;

  • Built-in kitchen with granite worktops by local top manufacturer FXB;

  • Washing machine and dryer;

  • One car lock up garage;

  • Property is one of the top buildings in Gozo


For viewing appointment, please contact Ted M. Mizzi on (+356) 79562384


Mgarr means simply ‘a place where goods are taken or a landing place’ but today P.T Barnum could be Mgarr harbour’s ringmaster. Under the big top of summer the shenanigans that take place here in Gozo’s principal harbour, bottle-necked front door, tradesmen’s entrance, yacht marina and emergency exit can be truly comical. Ferries barge, hoot and churn the waters in lopsided tussles with incompetent yachtsmen and obstinate fisherman 365 days a year. Gozitan men in their stained singlets (which never quite stretch over their bellies to meet their over-tight shorts) gesticulate wildly and release a bonanza of obscenities that are only curbed when a priest ambles by.

Amidst the apparent chaos, fishermen tinker with their luzzus and mend their nets. And in the cool of the day, under the watchful eyes of the mock-gothic church, Fort Chambray and those on the balcony of the Gleneagles Bar (hub of Mgarr cosmos), Gozitans tenderly bathe the fetlocks of their chestnut trotting horses in the shallows of the harbour. While on the slopes above the harbour, the village remains aloof, ignoring the circus below.

The elegant Zewwieqa promenade leads to the new pontoon facilities and fortunately the port has lost none of its quirky charm, making Mgarr harbour an interesting microcosm of local life.


Gozo, a 14km by 7km island is rich in history and amenities.  Everything is within a short drive.  For sightseers, Gozo boasts medieval fortifications, baroque churches and neolithic temples.  For the reveller, we have some fine restaurants and classic bars.  And for those looking to soak up the sun, our beaches are second to none.

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