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Five places to visit in Gozo

We often describe the island of Gozo as a destination that will leave you mesmerised by its raw beauty. As we were born and raised here, we might tend to be biased when describing this little island in the Mediterranean, so in this blog we decided to feature some reviews left by visitors after experiencing some of Gozo’s most important locations.

Here’s what visitors think about the island of Gozo:

Dwejra Bay

This is one of the best spots to watch the sunset - quite popular too. The former place of the Blue Window is still pretty beautiful, now with a bit less crowds. – Ana, Ireland

A beautiful peaceful and pristine area like this is so worth a visit by’s an experience to be had. So visit and enjoy. – Cory, Spain

Me and my friends was visiting Gozo. One of the our visit was Dwejra, and we was really amazed what a beautiful place it is!!!. The quiet and the peace early in the morning is something incredible. – Annie

This was one of the highlights of our visit to Gozo. A short bus ride and we were there. We took one of the small boats (4 euro per person for 15 - 20 minute ride) through the cave entrance between the Inland Sea and the Mediterranean. Very exciting!! We walked across the barren standstone towards where the Azure Window once stood for the fantastic cliff and Sea views. Everywhere there are fossil sea shells (15 million years old according to the information posts). – Allan, Scotland

Gorgeous place to explore, hike, swim, scuba dive, watch the sunset over the horizon... a must do in Gozo. – Alex, Spain

Mġarr ix-Xini

I love this bay, as do all the family. Faboulous snorkelling, with loads of fish to spot in the clear waters, and great fun to be had (for the boys, not me!) jumping off the rocks and into the bay. Rented kayaks for the boys this time, which gave them great enjoyment! Not a bay to go for for sand and sandcastles, but for fun in the water, a swim in a safe environment, snorkelling and canoeing, there is no better place. – Helen, UK

The bay is most definitely well worth visiting for tranquility and that 'get away from it all' feeling. – Tom, UK

This beach is a gorgeous little hidden gem, rather quiet compared to other beaches in peak season. All in all lovely if you fancy a quiet spot – Ana, UK

Stunning bay with an amazing fish restaurant by the beach. Water is clear and calm and it is a beautiful place to spend the day. We went in early July and ended up here three days running it was that good. It’s quite hard to find and the road down to the beach is narrow and steep, but you will be glad you made the effort. – Simon, UK

Mgarr ix-Xini is a bay close to Għajnsielem and which lies in a gorge to the west of Mġarr Harbour and a steep sided natural valley. It is accessible from Sannat as well as the nearby village of Xewkija. It is one of the most secluded beaches in pretty Gozo and therefore offers tranquillity. The clear water at Mgarr ix-Xini is perfect for snorkelling and diving, as well as rock climbing. Pity we did not take our swimming gear as the water was so inviting. – Gorg, Malta

The Gozo Citadel

This beautiful citadel is exactly what every ruined fort should be like. You aren’t left puzzling your way around a pile of weathered and cracked stones, guessing at the former glory of a byegone era. Instead, treat yourself to a fully maintained, knights and maidens era citadel with magnificent towering battlements coupled with 21st century accoutrements, shops, electricity and a modern feel. It feels wonderful being inside something so old and yet in such wonderful repair. Every time you turn a corner you find another part to explore and you’ll easily lose an afternoon just staring at the wonderful views. – Toby, UK

Wonderful historic centre of Gozo. Clean, recently and sensitively renovated. This is a must see for the island of Gozo. Within the citadel are at least three museums all well worth a visit and the lovely cathedral. The 360 degree views are spectacular. – Mark, UK

The Citadel is a must-see in Victoria. All the museums and the visitor centre are closed on Mondays, but you can still walk around the streets and walls. Make sure you visit the visitor centre as it gives a good introduction (and an excellent audiovisual experience!) to the site which helps you understand what you are seeing as you walk around. – Erki, UK

This is a pleasant place to the walk around and along the ramparts. You can visit some of the buildings and the Old Prison is especially interesting. Don't rush around you need time to explore. – Minn, UK

The outdoor parts of the Citadel were easily a 5-star attraction on their own. You can climb to the top of the fortifications, from which you get amazing views of the Gozitan countryside. It has all of the old town charm and photogenic narrow passageways of Mdina while also being a three dimension puzzle to exploer – Bruce, USA

Gġantija Temples

Unbelievable to be walking around a place that has been there for over 6000 years (yes 6000!). You enter via a museum display which helps explain the history and are then guided by footpaths to the 2 temples. All l kept thinking was how on earth did they get the stones in place - incredible! There are plenty of information boards which explain what you’re looking at and make it easy to imagine those who used the structures. As you’d imagine it’s all outside and with limited shade, but you don’t need a very long time to go around it. Definitely worth a visit. – Tracey, UK

I adored it! As a student reading so much literature it was lovely to see it in real life and not through a book. I didn’t realise they were quite so big and the fact they’re older than Stonehenge is a feat. It’s totally worth it as the museum is informative. – Rayner Josephine, UK

This UNESCO site is older than Stonehenge. I was awestruck by the size of the stones and the complexity of the design--multiple chambers, some stones had patterns and were covered in plaster. The museum is small but has some interesting artifacts and interpretation. We went to Gozo specifically for this site. From there we went swimming in Ramla Bay, and it was a perfect day. – Traveller from USA

This site is awe inspiring. This is one of the best temple sites in the islands. Dramatic its presentation overlooking the valley and the hills surrounding it, this site has stood longer than the Pyramids or Stonehenge, and must have been even more impressive to the prehistoric peoples who built it. This is a UNESCO site and well worth a visit. The museum gives a good introduction to the people who built the temple and the site itself. Worth spending over two hours at, you will want to really wander around the site taking it in from all angles. D. Barry, USA

This is an absolute must. The most fascinating and unique place….the oldest structure in the world and possibly not that well known. There is a brilliant visitor centre, which you see first, then onwards to the temples. Totally memorable. – Margot, UK

The Xewkija Rotunda

Really impressive church with volunteers to give background and take the small fee to take a lift up to the impressive balcony of the Dome. You can then walk round seeing the views of Victoria and back to the ferry port. It is also possible to climb a spiral staircase up the bell tower but the climb back down is not for the faint-hearted as it is very open. The church is very grand and you can tell why the locals are so proud of it. – Sarah, UK

St. John the Baptist Church (Xewkija Rotunda) in Gozo is disputed as the third largest dome in Europe by the Mosta Dome on Malta. Having visited both I certainly can't decide. The church took over 20 years to build and was started in 1951 and was built with local limestone. It is a beautiful church and going up into the bell tower and around the Rotunda was great with fabulous views. The interior of the church is lovely. Highly recommend a visit. – Roberts, UK

Interesting Church with a lot of history. Greeted on arrival by friendly lady who explained a little of the history of the Rotunda and provided leaflet to help. Old part of church had lots of relics to view but the Bell tower and observation area was the highlight with stunning views across the island and incredible opportunity to get to top of the bell tower. – Joyce, UK

As you enter this haven of peace, you are welcomed by a volunteer who will help to explain the history of this magnificent building and offer you a trip up to the bell tower. For a very modest €3 you can see for miles and it is so quiet up there. We were on our own for the best part of an hour, simply soaking up the view and observing the activity in the streets below. This is worth going out of your way to visit. - Simon, UK

Inside the church there was one lady who told us some interesting facts abput the old part of church, then we went to the top of the church (3€/person) and saw nice views and bell tower. Worth visiting! – Lucie, Czech Republic

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