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In order to understand and appreciate better how the monumental Rotunda Church of Xewkija came to be, this guide is an eye-witness account of what happened during and after the construction of this mightily impressive church, that defied sceptics and critics. Rarely had such an impoverished village of a little more than 3,000 inhabitants built such a grand monument. Rarely had human motivation seemed more determined.


This is a faithful testimony of the history, the evolution and the solid construction of this magnificent Roman Catholic Church that dominates the skyline of the island. It attests to the indomitable spirit, unfailing courage, sheer perseverance and the remarkable skill of the villagers, the Xewkin. The outstanding Rotunda is the result of a long series of planning, hard work, and tremendous sacrifice. It had to contend with natural and accidental vicissitudes over the course of two decades, throughout which spread the construction of this church.


The noble architecture of this building inspired by an archpriest with a passion for construction leaves memories that linger for years. Every stone, with its sculpted or carved decoration has its meaning and justification, within a structure that was carefully studied by its sublime architect, Giuseppe D’Amato, also known as Guze’. It is remarkably executed to an order of calculated perfection with geometrical designs, giving life to a downright monumental church, by its three indomitable master stone masons.


Each visitor entering the Rotunda is rapt in awe at the vision of eight, beautiful proportionate columns, on which the 45,000-tons dome sits. More than a building, it is a mirror and weave of an idyllic island. It is a faithful exaltation and reminder of its incomparable destiny, a glory of modern architecture.

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